Angeloid Directive Zero
Sora no Otoshimono - ep03 005
Kanji: エンジェロイド初体験(0シレイ)
Homaji: Enjeroido Zero Shirei
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Release date: October 18, 2009
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Angeloid Directive Zero is the 3th episode of the first season of Heaven's Lost Property


Sugata explains this time at the beginning, about the demarcation, and melons, and what that has to do with the New World.

In this episode Tomoki, Sohara, Ikaros, and Mikako will stay with Sugata overnight. This happens because they do not understand their math homework and ask Sugata advice. In return, he wants her to help him in his research.

Ikaros gets in this episode their first reasonable order, because it is to go shopping so a meal could be prepared. It will be a curry after Mikako. Here we see for the first time, as ever so often that Ikaros a melon pats - here in a stand. She does her job very well and buys carrots, potatoes and onions, meat but only one chick. Mikako had no problems with it, to kill it, but Sohara can not allow. Ikaros will now take care of the immediate consequences to the chick. Tomoki pats her head as a gesture of appreciation for their first purchase, which triggers a feeling in Ikaros what they do not understand.

When all the food, Sohara and Tomoki start laughing because it loud Tomoki have fun, which Ikaros can not understand because they do not know what it means to have fun, and tried it out again and again. She knows , however, that when she is with her ​​master, her heart is relieved. Which it shares with Sugata , who then gives her the homework, find out how related their feelings with Tomoki . You should not forget tomorrow issue a report .

During the day, Sugata finds out that Ikaros appears to have no numeracy skills, and has the ability to fly at Mach 24 (approximately 30,000 km/h) and is capable of a Pirarucu, a five-meter fish to catch from the Amazon.

The next day, Tomoki is to perform for Sugata a test flight so as to repay him for the help with homework . On the evening are all exhausted, but happy.

On the ending scene after the credits, Tomoki and Ikaros are messing with the broken toilet seat.


Ikaros buys a chick and a watermelon, which are frequently appear in the course of the anime.

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