Kanji: ダイダロス
Romaji: Daidarosu
Others: Unknown
Age: Ageless
Gender: Female
Species: Angel
Occupation: Creator of Angeloids
Debut (Manga): Chapter 1
Debut (Anime): Episode 1
Appears in: Manga, Anime, and Movie
Seiyū: Asuka Okame
English Voice: Monica Rial

Daedalus (ダイダロス, daidarosu?) is the creator of Ikaros, Nymph, the Harpies, Astraea, and Oregano (probably), all the 1st generation Angeloids. She frequently appears in Tomoki's dreams as a sort of "lover", but she flies away, leaving Tomoki crying when he wakes up. She comes to his dreams to ask him to help save her. Throughout the series, Daedalus sends each of her 'daughters' down to Sorami City with Tomoki, claiming that they have been 'captured by the sky' in hopes that the first generation Angeloids can be freed. Little information is given on her, as well as her relation with Tomoki. Her name originates from the Greek mythological character Daedalus, the father of Icarus. She frequently works with Sugata when he is visiting Synapse. It is revealed in the final chapter that she is actually the real Sohara in Synapse.


Daedalus and all other inhabitants of synapse started out just like humans started out on earth after evolving, and either died or part of the evolution was growing wings not mentioned how they got the wings. The people of synapse have lived for eons,  they have developed many high tech machinery among other scientific creations. After living for eons, Daedalus and the rest the people of synapse began to become bored and unhappy. So Daedalus in a attempt to solve this problem created the "Rule" which had the ability to grant all of the people of synapse their wishes.  After having all their wishes granted for awhile the people of synapse were happy, but soon after having all their wishes and dreams come true they began to think there was no longer any reason to exist.  So eventually the people of synapse began to commit suicide, eventually a population of hundreds of millions became only three thousand.  So in a attempt to solve this problem Daedalus and the rest of synapse tried to create a new world/universe with the "Rule", so they recreated the universe how they did this isn't explained. (It actually is, in the last chapters of the manga it is explained how they recreated the universe. First, Synapse ceases to exist, and after everything, be it the people, animals, plants, and even the sky will be destroyed.) 

Doing this didn't change anything for them, so they decided to create the human species and Daedalus presumably created the first generation Angeloids as well.  Daedalus and the rest created the humans and the Angeloids for their amusement to make them happy if only for a hour. So they began to watch the humans and after awhile of watching them Daedalus and the rest of the people of synapse began to become jealous of the humans they created for their amusement. The humans had what they coveted so much the ability to dream, so to gain acquire what they wished for the most Daedalus along with the rest of synapse created a dome with machines to put themselves in a dream like state.  After they completed all that Daedalus along with most of the people of synapse went into the dome to be put into a there new dream life where they lived among the humans in the humans on earth real life. 

Daedalus began her dream life on earth as a young girl named Sohara specifically the Sohara that was Tomoki's childhood friend but died young from a sickness.  After Daedalus died in her dream life she was erased from all of the humans on earth who knew her, but like the rest of the people of synapse who die in their dream lives on earth she wanted to go back. Daedalus knew she couldn't put Tomoki through the same dream again so she created a carbon copy of her former dream self Sohara. Later, Daedalus sends the Angeloid named Ikaros down to earth to Tomoki to get help to try to solve synapse's problem of not being happy.

Personality Edit

Daedalus is a calm and caring angel she cares for all her daughters and the rest of synapse. She is highly intelligent is synapse's top scientist, she hates cruel and manipulative people like Minos. Not much else about Daedalus's personality is known, because all she does for the most part is talk to Tomoki in his dreams about the Angeloids and give very poor tips to him about whats about to happen when it relates to the Angeloids and synapse.  The only other times she appears in is when she talks with Eishiro Sugata at synapse.



Daedalus has long blue hair and is the same height as Sohara. She has white wings and wears a long white necklace. Otherwise, (minus her breast size) her physical appearance is the same as Sohara's. Yet she is, for whatever reason, always bare foot. For some reason (maybe her weak health), she always sit on a cloud-like machine.

Current PlotEdit

Sora no Otoshimono - 06 - Large 29

Tomoki finally finds Daedalus.

Her first appearance is in Tomoki's dreams, it comes in a green field trying to wake him up and asking him to take care of her daughters. Throughout this arc she only appears in Tomoki's dreams, without actually performing the anime. The Angeloids also have memories of her in the form of warning.

Forte ArcEdit

In this arc, she still appears in the dreams of Tomoki, asking him to be careful with the "Angel", but also take care of her. Soon after the school festival, she appears looking Tomoki and his friends interacting with their Angeloids then her hideout is discovered and attacked by Minos and Harpies, there he reveals that Daedalus accessed memories of Tomoki and freed the Queen Uranus of her prison. Also, he reveals that he managed to create the next generation of Angeloids, stronger than she had created, and would use it to attack the "Downers". Days after Sugata asks Nymph to help on trips to Synapse, however, due to some events, Nymph is taken away from the Dive Game machine, so the count goes from combined and Sugata remains in Synapse at the mercy of the Harpies, but subtly, Daedalus saves him before they kill him.

Hiyore Kazane ArcEdit

Melan ArcEdit

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

-MTO- Sora ch77 108

Daedalus has never shown any use of powerful abilities or weapons so it is unknown if she has any. The only known thing is that she has a high level of intelligence and must have certain powers in The Synapse since she made the Angeloids and was able to save Sugata when he was about to get captured by the harpies. She also has deadly karate chop just as Sohara, her clone.

-MTO- Sora ch77 070
-MTO- Sora ch77 105



  • She didn't show her former identity to anyone until the end of the series.
  • She hardly ever walks or stands in the entire series.

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