White or Black
Manga 77ex2
Release Date: 30 Mar, 2014
Arc: After Synapse Arc
Chapter: Extra
Volume: 20
Chapter Guide
The First Birthday

White or Black is a Extra chapter of Sora no Otoshimono manga.

Chapter dealing with Tomoki giving his answer to Ikaros after her confession.

This serves as the epilogue of the story.


The story continues after the world was restored.

Ikaros remembers the time of her confession to Tomoki when they were going to the Synapse, getting embarrassed she shut herself down. Sohara, Nymph, and Astraea thought that Tomoki did something embarrassing to Ikaros, so they give Tomoki a beating when he was thinking over the confession of Ikaros. Tomoki decides to give Ikaros an answer. He goes through many trials, which Ikaros created using her cards and by the time he gets to her in the top level, he "supposedly" forgot what he went there to do. In conclusion to the story, Tomoki allows Ikaros to be together with him for as long she wants and ends up face to face with him smashing against the wall, which chaos also ends up doing the same thing, making Tomoki go deeper into the wall.

Note: This chapter (epilogue) revealed that Tomoki might have the same feelings for Ikaros, now that he has thought about the confession Ikaros made, and could possible end up as a couple.

Eventually, both Ikaros and Tomoki confess eachother feelings.

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