Hot Night With the Big Fish
Sora no Otoshimono - ep05 002
Kanji: 任侠(セレブ)と初夜(アツイヨル)
Homaji: Serebu to Atsui Yoru
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Release date: November 1, 2009
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Hot Night With the Big Fish Is the 5th episode of the first season of Heaven's Lost Property


With his house destroyed, Tomoki needs a place to stay. After Sugata's place proves to be too dangerous, Mikako offers her place to Tomoki along with Sohara, Sugata, and Ikaros. It turns out Mikako's family are influential Yakuza; Ikaros momentarily scares everyone when she pets Mikako's father's head.

After dinner, Tomoki stumbles into Mikako at an outdoor bath, who casually informs him that his trespassing violates a family law, where in which he must be decapitated for it. Ikaros stops the executioner with a brief display of her power. The next morning, Tomoki finds they are on a plane to an uninhabited island as an alternative punishment, unbeknownst to him, which was instituted by Mikako. They split up to search for food and items, but Tomoki eats a mushroom and passes out. Tomoki hears yelling and rescues Sohara, but everyone else is gone, so the two spend the next few weeks enjoying island life. Over time, Tomoki and Sohara grow closer together. One night, about a month after they had first arrived, Tomoki and Sohara talk on the beach about the others. He comforts her, and assures her that they'll be alright on their own. As he picks her up from the floor, she trips over and falls backwards, bringing Tomoki down with her. His left hand lands on her breast, but this time she does not karate chop him; instead, with hesitation, their mouths go closer together for a kiss until a sea monster grabs Sohara. Tomoki attacks the "monster", which is actually just Ikaros covered in shells and seaweed, who has returned with a big tuna.

Tomoki asks where Sugata and Mikako are; Ikaros does a scan and then knocks down a wall panel to a room where Mikako's family and Sugata have been watching them the entire time for their amusement. Later, Tomoki and Ikaros return to find his house restored, thanks to Mikako's father, who likes Ikaros and respects her power.

In the ending scene after the credits, they are at school and the morning announcements consists of Tomoki and Sohara's private conversation.


  • Ikaros is still taking care of the chicks and the melon from Sora no Otoshimono episode 3.