Kanji: イカロス
Romaji: Ikarosu
Others: Icarus (English dub)
Uranus Queen
Sky Queen (空の女王, Sora No Joō)
Generation: First
Gender: Female
Species: Angeloid
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Master: Master of Synapse (former)

Tomoki Sakurai

Type: α (Alpha)
Class: Battle
Wing Type: Variable
Occupation: Student
Debut (Manga): Chapter 1
Debut (Anime): Episode 1
Appears in: Manga, Anime, and Movie
Seiyuu: Saori Hayami
English Voice: Brittney Karbowski

Ikaros (イカロス, ikarosu?), first introduced as a "UMA", later, .3.Strategic Angeloid Type α (Alpha) (戦術戦略エンジェロイドタイプα(アルファ, , senjutsu senryaku enjeroido taipu a (Arufa)?) , is the deuteragonist in the Sora no Otoshimono series. She becomes bonded to Tomoki at the beginning of the story doing a "contract" with him called Imprinting (symbolized by the invisible chain leading from her collar to Tomoki's hand.


Ikaros falls from the Synapse portal to Earth, is rescued by Tomoki, and "imprints" with him. She says she is a pet-class Angeloid type Alpha and is called Ikaros, and also says she will fulfill all the desires of her master, Tomoki.

What was not shown in the series was that Ikaros once almost destroyed Synapses under the order of her original master. Then, in fear of her power, the people sealed her powers and set a program on her that would burn her to death if she went near Synapses without authorization

Personality Edit

Ikaros is usually calm but resorts to violence if she sees that her master, Tomoki is in danger. She is fiercely loyal to Tomoki and does anything to please and save him. She also loves anything round and smooth such as Watermelons. She has developed other emotions (crying, falling in love, anger, etc.).

Due to her emotional capacity being low in comparison to other Angeloids, Ikaros was initially unable to feel or express emotions. She has mostly developed very strong feelings towards Tomoki, but is unable to express her feeling toward him till she gets him to the Synapse. Once she was about to enter the Synapse, Ikaros kisses Tomoki and confesses her true feeling by telling him that she loves him. And after she was brought back to life she was embarrassed for remembering her confession to Tomoki.

In the manga, after she was embarrassed by remembering her true feelings, Tomoki settled things up with Ikaros about her confession, which the story concludes with them being together possibly as a couple. 


Her "Variable" wings are extremely valuable and are highly desired by Synapse. She has long rosy pink hair which is tightly secured with dark pink ribbons. She also has an "ahoge" which is the long strand of hair that protrudes out of her hair that usually twitches when Tomoki is in trouble. She has emerald colored eyes, except for when she is operating in Uranus Mode, during which her eyes turn red, but when in combat, purple. Her Hair also becomes more frizzy and messy and a halo appears above her head. Her measurements are Bust: 88 cm, Waist: 57 cm, Hip: 85 cm. She weighs 48 kilograms (105 lbs.), stands at 162 cm (5'4) and her wing type is listed as "Variable".

Character PlotEdit

While Ikaros begins the series with a poor grasp on human emotions, she eventually develops emotions and begins to fall in love with Tomoki. This is because she has high battle and processing capability, but low emotional control. She has been shown to be willing to sacrifice herself if it means ensuring the safety of her master,

Recently her feelings for Tomoki have grown even further, indicated by the fact that she blushed and felt embarrassed when she accidentally saw Tomoki's kissing face. In Chapter 56, she evolved into "Type Alpha, Ikaros Version II", following her near-destruction by Ikaros Melan in Chapter 55.

At first, Ikaros is very submissive towards her new master and seeks to please him by granting him whatever he

Tomoki getting saved by Ikaros

desires by using a special Summoning Card that allows her to order anything for Tomoki's wishes and desires from the world of the Synapse. As a Pet-Class Angeloid, she is built and designed to obey her master and to serve his every command and need at all costs. Tomoki, who is still in shock from the events of the prior night, awakes to find Ikaros sitting by his bed, awaiting his first orders for her to perform.

When he discovers that she can summon almost anything that he desires from her world through the use of the Transport Card, Tomoki's perverted nature takes over, and he (along with Ikaros who is pleased to help her master attain happiness), goes out on a day-long rampage throughout the town of Sorami, doing things that he could only dream of being able to do without ever getting caught for it. He terrorizes his unknowing friend Sohara Mitsuki (who is busy trying to fit her increasingly large breasts into her bra) by turning himself and Ikaros invisible and groping her breasts until Sohara freaks out. When Ikaros asks why her master is doing this, he responds that this is "punishment" for her giving him one of her powerful karate chops the previous day.

Card Teleport

Ikaros pulls out the Transport Card to grant Tomoki's wish.

He then goes around town, shrinking himself so that he can fit in the gap between other women's breasts, stopping time so he can "examine" the bodies, and undergarments of the girls at school, and running around public areas around town stark naked with Ikaros in tow. After wiping out the entire human race other than himself (a result of his wish for world domination, which Ikaros states that no one would accept Tomoki as their supreme leader, and thus removed all humans so he could dominate the world by himself), he orders Ikaros to not bother him again, since his life is now ruined and he is quite frustrated with the current situation. Thinking that he means that as a order for her to kill herself, she summons a pistol to put an end to her services as his servant, but is stopped by Tomoki when he realizes what she is trying to do behind his back. He begs her to ignore his last order (for he did not think that it meant that she would kill herself because of it), but she tells him that she can not ignore his previous order and must carry it out. It is when he orders her to "stay by his side" that she finally stops trying to kill herself and when Tomoki mutters that he wished that this was all just a crazy dream, she warps him back to the previous morning and returns everything back to normal.

When Sohara walks into Tomoki's room after he fails to answer the door and sees the semi-nude Ikaros sitting next to his bed chained to his wrist, she freaks out and unleashes her infamous Karate Chops upon him. Eishirou Sugata of the New World Discovery Club takes interest in the Transport Cards that she carries (after reversing the wild events of the prior day, the original Summoning Card was erased, and now she uses an older set of cards that only grant one wish a piece) while Tomoki is still recovering from the brutal beating that Sohara unleashed on him. Ikaros is sent on a shopping trip by Tomoki, and she mistakenly purchases things that have nothing to do with what he wants (such as getting a watermelon after taking a great interest in it or buying a baby chicken to cook for dinner).

Meanwhile, back in the mysterious world of the Synapse, the Master of Synapse summons one of his personal servants, an "Electronic Warfare: Type Beta" Angeloid by the name of Nymph and asks of her to go down to Earth and "recover" Ikaros for him. He wishes to extract the extremely rare and valuable wings that she possesses (the fabled Variable Type wings, which possess special abilities and allow for precise flying) and to bring back Ikaros to become one of his "possessions". Nymph sets off to Sorami to locate and intercept Ikaros for extraction, but is hampered by the fact that Ikaros has become linked to Tomoki and how weak compared to Ikaros she is (she excels at hacking and stealth, but her overall strength is severely lacking compared to her target). It is when Nymph hacks into Ikaros' systems and unlocks all the restraints on the emotional controls that render Ikaros so submissive towards others that things turn ugly. Unknown to Nymph, the restraints on the emotional controls also control the ability for Ikaros to engage her ultra-powerful Uranus Queen mode, and with nothing to stop it from being accessed, Ikaros activates it. Nymph, who fails to realize this, comes face to face with a enraged Ikaros, who draws one of her powerful energy arrows that she aims her Apollon bow at her. With no chance to succeed in her mission or to achieve victory, Nymph retreats and returns to Synapse to inform her master of her failure.
Nymph Ikaros

Nymph corners Ikaros before hacking into her system.

Back on the palace grounds in Synapse, Nymph makes her way inside and returns to her irritated master, who is not pleased with the continued failures of his "junk" servant. He has her tell him what she treasures most, and she replies that it is a rare and beautiful songbird that she has found and begun to take care of. Smiling, he orders her to kill the bird before him as to prove her loyalty to him. When she hesitates in shock from his cruel order, he forces her to destroy her beautiful songbird with her own bare hands before kicking her head with his foot, taking pleasure in her tears. As a final act of his malice upon her, he attaches a time-delayed bomb collar around her neck, which will detonate if she takes too long to recover Ikaros or if he wishes for her to die.

Nymph returns to Tomoki's house in order to get close to her target, Ikaros again, but over time, she starts to develop feelings for Tomoki and becomes good friends with Ikaros. Seeing how nicely Tomoki and his friends treat Ikaros and herself, Nymph can't bring herself to carry out her orders and does not carry out her mission as planned. She just wants to enjoy the last few days of freedom before she dies, since the explosive collar around her neck nears the day of final detonation that her master pre-programmed into it. With less than a 1/4th of the bar remaining on the timer, the eventual detonation draws near for Nymph. Seeing that Nymph will not carry out his orders as he commanded, the Man of Synapse turns to his two loyal Angeloid servants, who goes by the name Harpies to help "convince" Nymph to finish her mission and please her master once and for all. The two Harpies venture down to Earth from Synapse to follow Nymph at a distance, observing the movements and behaviors of both her and their master's target: Ikaros. The two Harpies eventually confront Nymph and use their skills of deception to trick her into a plan that involves bringing the unknowing Ikaros to a pre-determined location so they can capture her and return her to their master. They also lie to her that their master back in Synapse would be pleased with her if she succeeded, which convinces her to follow through with their scheme. While the two Harpies leave and prepare the trap, Nymph returns to Tomoki's house and asks Ikaros to join her to see a most beautiful cherry tree that is in full bloom. The two of them set off, leaving the house before Tomoki and the others return from Christmas shopping in town.

When the two Angeloids arrive at the cherry tree at the foot of the mountains, the two Harpies (hidden away from Ikaros by a special shield that makes them invisible to everyone) await the perfect moment to strike. Using their powerful Prometheus cannons, they fire a massive blast of energy at the unsuspecting Ikaros, striking her with such force that it shears off one of her pink wings and knocks her out cold. Nymph, shocked by what the Harpies have done to Ikaros, demands to know why they attacked her so brutally. The Harpies clue Nymph in on their real assignment from their master in Synapse, and prepare to depart with Ikaros's limp body. Horrified at what the Harpies true intentions are and how brutally the Harpies attacked Ikaros, Nymph launches her mighty Paradise Song attack, taking the two Harpies by surprise with a powerful blast of rainbow-colored energy that carves a swath of destruction before her. To her horror, both Harpies escaped her attack with minor energy burns, and they turn their full brutality upon the hapless Nymph. They pin her to the ground and proceed to rip both of her wings out, taking twisted pleasure in the screams of agony that Nymph releases as she struggles to stay alive. Behind them, the lifeless form of Ikaros starts to stir as her systems recover from the surprise attack that had knocked her out minutes ago. Tomoki, Sohara, Eishiro, and Mikako, who have been looking for the two Angeloids after discovering them to be missing earlier, arrive at the site of the fight and are shocked to see a battered Ikaros on the ground while the two Harpies continue to harass Nymph. Ikaros slowly gets to her feet, still shaken from the surprise attack, and prepares to activate her ultimate power, her unstoppable Uranus Queen program.
207850-the wicked end super

The massive power of Ikaros's Hephaestus Strike.

The Harpies turn their attention to the group of humans and Ikaros behind them, surprised that she was able to recover from their attack so quickly. Nymph, shocked as to what Tomoki and his friends will think of Ikaros if she uses her terrible Uranus Queen mode in front of them, pleads with Ikaros not to use it. Ikaros turns to Tomoki, asking if she can deal with the current situation, and he grants her the honor of doing so. With her master's approval, and to the horror of the two Harpies, Ikaros activates her Uranus Queen program, which repairs her damaged wing, and gives her access to staggering amounts of power. The Harpies, realizing that the end is near, both fire their Prometheus canons at Ikaros, but their shots are harmlessly deflected by the powerful Aegis Shield that protects Ikaros when she has her Uranus Queen mode active. Meanwhile, Tomoki and friends desperately try to free Nymph from her master's chain of service from around her neck, which will activate the explosive collar and kill Nymph in mere minutes. After several minutes of struggling, they manage to break the chain of service with a spare axe that Eishiro had in his possession, thus freeing Nymph from service to her cruel master in Synapse forever. Knowing that they have no chance against their enemy, the Harpies try to escape from the wrath of the now-unstoppable Ikaros, firing quick blasts from their Prometheus canons in a feeble attempt to slow her down. Undeterred by their attempts to hinder her pursuit of them, Ikaros summons her ultimate attack; the powerful Hephaestus spaceship, armed with dozens of powerful energy cannons that lock upon the two stunned Harpies and fires. With a massive beam of pure energy so powerful that it can be seen from space, the two Harpies are blasted all of the way back to Synapse, lucky enough not to be vaporized in the blast. With her enemies gone and her friends safe, Ikaros returns to her normal mode.

Astraea ArcEdit

Chaos ArcEdit

Hiyori Kazane ArcEdit

Return of Chaos ArcEdit

Ikaros Melan ArcEdit


Synapse(End) ArcEdit

In chapter 77, she died because of Tomoki's order "Take me to Synapse!". Ikaros already knows that she will be dead or be burnt alive after entering Synapse. Knowing she will die taking Tomoki to Synapse, Ikaros confesses her love to Tomoki before disintegrating leaving nothing but an orb in a crying Tomoki's hands. Due to the orb 'they' (Ikaros, Nymph, Astraea, Harpies, Sohara, Yoshitsune, Sugata and everyone who died) forced themselves into one and gave Tomoki the strength to beat the Master of Synapse, along with Daedalus and Mikako's help. They were able to have a new wish granted on the 'Rule', and that is when everyone be brought back to life.

Epilogue Edit

Afterwards, Ikaros remembered her confession toward Tomoki when asked by the others on what happened after everything disappeared so she became embarrassed after remembering it. Tomoki, after thinking over Ikaros' confession, has decided that she should stay by his side forever.

Eternal my MasterEdit

She was narrating and remembering the previous days while she's getting Tomoki to the Synapse.

When they were getting close to synapse Ikaros revealed to him that if she gets too close to the Synapse she'll burst into flames, kisses him and then she confesses her true feelings to a shocked Tomoki. Once entering  the Synapse Ikaros repeats herself by saying "I love you" to Tomoki before turning into dust.

She is revived by following the manga on the chapter 77, then in Epilogue (chapter 77.2) Ikaros remembers her confession which causes her to become embarrassed, later Tomoki settles things with her which concludes that they stay by each other side (in other words they become a lot closer).

It's very possible that Eternal my Master will have a 2nd part of the story by following the rest of the chapter 77 and the epilogue (Extra episode on the Anime or a third movie).Eternal my Master sets on the first pages of chapter 77.Eternal my master is the anime version and incomplete ending of the Story.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

As a Pet-Class Angeloid, Ikaros carries the powerful Transport Card (a summoning device that delivers whatever she orders to her location from the Synapse). The original card she carried at the beginning of the story allowed for her to use only one card to summon items, but after it gets lost when she reverses the wild misadventure of Tomoki, she has to use an older model that only allows for one request per card. She has many of these cards. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Ikaros is more than just a mere Pet-Class Angeloid, she is really a mighty Strategic Battle-Class: Type-Alpha Angeloid (the most powerful of the 1st Generation Angeloid models). She has an ultimate battle mode by the name of Uranus Queen, which allows her to unlock her full power potential and grants her access to incredible weapons to use in battle. When she triggers her Uranus Queen mode, her green eyes turn red/purple, her soft, pink wings change into a bright light, and a golden halo appears above her head. Ikaros has the ability to fly at Mach 24 with her wings while her powers were blocked. Ikaros also has a powerful radar, but it's not as powerful as Nymph's. Ikaros' radar can detect anything or anyone from a far away distance. Ikaros was able to solve complex math equations easily just by detecting the problem and solving it. When Astraea came out to destroy Tomoki, Ikaros and Nymph were able to do a wide area radar scan to find out where Tomoki was. Ikaros detected Astraea as an enemy threat as Close Combat Angeloid Type: Delta, Astraea. As an Alpha Angeloid, she can use her radar to detect or track anything from anywhere and her radar enhances her intelligence. Any Angeloid can see in a radar form depending on the color of their eyes. Ikaros is an Alpha Angeloid, so she can see in a radar form with the color red from her eyes whenever she activates her radar from her eyes, but her eyes are an emerald green, so she can see in a radar form with the color green. Ikaros can see in a radar form with whatever color eyes she has, but she can still see the colors that are around her with green.

When in Uranus Queen mode, Ikaros has access to four powerful weapons/abilities, that make her almost unstoppable on the battlefield. Her shield, the incredible Aegis Shield, can block almost any attack from every direction and make her almost invulnerable when it is successfully deployed. She gains the use of the mighty Apollon Bow, a silver bow that creates powerful energy arrows so strong, they could wipe out the entire nation of Japan in one shot when fully charged. The strong and deadly Artemis Launcher allows for her to launch dozens of powerful homing missiles of energy from her wings. And when all else fails, (in the anime) she can summon a colossal space warship by the name of Hephaestus, which is armed with massive energy cannons that when combined into a single shot, fires a beam so powerful that it could literally shatter the Earth on impact. In the manga, Hephaestus is a giant cannon that fires a straight wide laser beam, though seemingly having the power of the warship.

Aegis (イージス, Ījisu)
Aegis Ikaros can generate a nigh-invincible energy shield that can cover 360 degree angle and can defend against almost all attacks.
Artemis She has the ability to fire multiple to even millions of explosive projectiles from her wings that could follow its target forever. Power varies depending on Ikaros' seriousness.
Apollon (アポロン, Aporon)
Apollon Also known as Apollon, is a devastating bow. Its arrow is very destructive and can destroy a whole country. It was used to destroy the Tower of Babel. (Before the start of the series).
Uranus System (天王星, Uranus)
UranusUranus2Uranus3Uranus4 The Uranus system is designed and developed by Daedalus, the energy source is the Variable Wing Core, which made the name Uranus Queen Ikaros; which appears for the first time in Sora no Otoshimono in the thirteenth episode. In the fight against the two gamma-type Angeloid, they had to withdraw because they had no chance against Ikaros in her Uranus Queen mode. Ikaros can either call up parts (robotic arms, primary guns) while in Uranus Queen mode, or it convenes completely. The Uranus system can either be used to fight or as a means of transportation i.e flying at mach speeds. During the battle with Chaos, she had to take her to the bottom of the sea while in Uranus Queen mode using Hephaestus (the first ship of strategic combat), causing her to lose the usage of the ability for later battles. She would have sank to the bottom of the sea along with chaos, had Astraea not intervened and pulled her back up to the surface.Hephaestus appears behind from Ikaros with loops that connect to a network. But there is still one disadvantage about Uranus that is a problem with the tegument of Ikaros that made Ikaros weaker than Melan Angeloid-Theta Type of Minos-Master of Synapse. After that, Pandora solved all of these weaknesses
Ikaros by sasuke18 xd-d4i2ha7 Aka the "Self-Evolution Program", it allows an angeloid possessing it to grow in power through time and the absorption of other things. It also repairs broken systems and functions. The program that Ikaros is using is supposedly the ultimate program, even the Man of Synapse feared it's power which is why he tried so hard to recover it along with the variable wing core.

Relationships Edit

  • Tomoki Sakurai - Master and love interest. He has the same feelings for her.
  • Nymph - "Sister", classmate, fellow Angeloid, former enemy and love rival.
  • Astraea - "Sister", classmate, fellow Angeloid, former enemy and love rival.
  • Chaos - Fellow Angeloid and former enemy.
  • Hiyori Kazane - Friend, classmate, fellow Angeloid, and love rival.
  • Oregano - Friend and fellow Angeloid.
  • Watermelon - A series of Ikaros's pet watermelon.


  • Her name Ikaros is a play on Icarus, whereas her creator's name "Daedalus' is a reference to Daedalus, the Greek mythical figure who created wings of wax for himself and and his son Icarus. It is further played upon when her wings burn when she approaches the Synapse; the Greek Icarus' wings burned when he flew too close to the sun.
  • In epilogue chapter Ikaros and Tomoki has settled their relationship, which concludes that they stay together forever (pretty close to a couple, however in the anime version, which follows eternal my master, it showed that Tomoki apparently loves Ikaros as well and by a third movie Ikaros and Tomoki might become a couple).
  • She has become Tomoki's most beloved and precious girl after she confessed her true feelings to him.
  • Her wings burst into flames in the 77th chapter because she flew too close to the Synapse without permission.
  • Her abilities and weapons (Apollo, Artemis, and Hephaestus) are named after the Greek gods of the sun, hunting, and blacksmiths, respectively. Aegis was the impenetrable shield of Zeus, Greek god of the sky, Appolo was the the god of Archery, same as his twin sister Artemis.
  • When Ikaros was attacking the surface, the boy who gave her the order to destroy the Synapse looks similar to Tomoki.
  • In Eternal My Master, it's revealed that Ikaros was afraid of entering the Synapse, but she worried more about the fate of the world, specifically Tomoki.
  • She has no desire for freedom, as she has no other place to go, and finds happiness in serving Tomoki.
  • Ikaros has a great singing voice, which was confirmed when she sang the song "Fallen Down" in Episode 10 of the anime.
  • She was originally sent to help Tomoki, however, Ikaros and Tomoki have developed very strong feelings for each other.
  • Her birth is before 100,000,000,000,000,000 A.C.
  • The top speed she can reach while flying is Mach 24.
  • She can reach a depth of 3000 meters.
  • She can operate without oxygen for 720 hours.
  • She likes petting or touching circular objects (e.g. watermelons).
  • Once, in Volume 13 Chapter 51, Ikaros, after seeing Tomoki with her watermelon, decided that the watermelon had equal value in her heart as her own master. As soon as Tomoki accidentally breaks the watermelon, she punishes him in a painful way: sending him into space with Hephaestus.
  • In the manga, Ikaros says that she is an entertainment purpose Angeloid, while she states she is a pet-class Angeloid in the anime.
  • She gets jealous of Sohara and Nymph when they are together with Tomoki.
  • In the anime series, Ikaros wanted to marry Tomoki.
  • She is the first girl to kiss Tomoki.
  • She has developed emotional capabilities such as crying, blushing, and smiling (for a short time), eventually falling in love with her Master, Tomoki Sakurai.
  • Ever since she fell in love with Tomoki, she couldn't confess her feelings until she brought him to the Synapse, when she was about to self destruct.
  • In the manga, after the world was restored, Ikaros remembered her confession to Tomoki before getting destroyed, so she gets embarrassed after remembering it. In the end Tomoki settled things with Ikaros, concluding that she can stay by his side for as long as she wants (in other words they can stay together forever).
  • In Sora no Otoshimono: Forte episode 6 ending, Ikaros is taking picture of IKAROS
  • Ikaros made a lot of cameo appearances in the  Plunderer manga, a manga drawn by Sora no Otoshimono's creator, Suu Minazuki.


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