Rin Nakai (NakaiRin)

   Voice - Honda Mariko 
   appeared in (Forte) f. Inflatable junior high school students.One of the three men set a good friend. I sexual harassment well (Tomoki) Tomoko together three people.It hates Tomoki, but also found the place where you are and have fun or teasing.

Yanagisawa Chinatsu (Yanagisawa Chinatsu)

   Voice - Aya Goda 
   appeared in (Forte) f.Inflatable junior high school students. One of the three men set a good friend.

Koganei Haru-on (I Koganei spring)

   Voice - Takahashi Yume-ha 
   appeared in (Forte) f.Inflatable junior high school students. One of the three men set a good friend.

Asaka Maiko (Maiko Asaka)

   Voice - Kuragosha Keiko 
   appeared in (Forte) f.Inflatable two-year junior high school group A. Glasses daughter. The up-down quiz, girl that was used in the story of the problem.

Inflatable junior high school teacher

Takehara (Takehara)

   Voice - Maruyama Takeshi-shi 
   Mathematics teacher of our school of Tomoki. It is hated from the student in order to annoy the students by issuing the problem of the University of Tokyo Institute level, such as issues of summer vacation."But I used to want to put the thing which I twisted more if put on airs a mathematician", hand and is said to "lack of education and poor head-yo has not appear to bar code of the head," said the Mikako to Eishiro I have burned. Festive events of summer wrestling in the game, I was in charge of live.

Taizo Matsuyama (Matsuyama Taizo)

   Voice - Masashi Kimura 
   appeared in (Forte) f.Physical education teacher of the school of our Tomoki. In the rugged face bearded, I'm carrying around bamboo sword. Hot-blooded teacher of Sparta skin.American festive events of summer sumo (content Wrestling) in the game, I was in charge of live.

Kanae teacher

   Home economics teacher of the school of our Tomoki. Friendly teacher. I was surprised by the huge material and Nymphs Icarus've brought in the case of material procurement.

Homeroom teacher

   Voice - Nakamura Kotaro 
   Homeroom teacher Tomoki, of Sohara. Elderly who wear glasses.The appearance of the only voice, lasted a while in the sixth episode of f (forte), in a scene that introduces Astrea of ​​Ten'nyusei, you are out the figure. In the character of the teacher, appeared often throughout the series.

Science teachers

   Voice - Nakamura Kotaro 
   Work of the same author " JUDAS men who are very similar in sound is a character of ".Too lazy to shave with the round glasses wearing a lab coat at all times. I was allowed to homeroom Icarus crazy out suddenly during class. The ED of the anime version, it has been labeled "the voice of the teacher."


Father of Chairman

   Voice - Hiroshi Iwasaki 
   Father of Mikako. Name unknown. In the family that partitions the sky beautiful town since I was was a post town of Edo, mob family. Close relationship with Eishiro. I love a good-natured despite one in appearance, it is from being patted on the head to Icarus liked at a glance Icarus. However, in a separate story with respect to the hot water clan called "prison hot water" only put, it was the hot water like a fairy originally ancestors cleanse the robe. But I have caused the disaster will scourge is down to empty beauty town guests late after, fairy-like After you free the hot water. They are reportedly By sleep cut the head off the neck of guests, evil has finally subsided. Since then, Satsukida Neka family is dedicated as a "prison hot water" to protect the land of Inflatable. The Tomoki you do not know the circumstances, the father of Mikako would be included in the "prison hot water", as Ichizokunookite, about to be crafted cut the head off the neck nearly by mistake, but the fact that Icarus came on to stop, Tomoki is survived without incident I get. Since then, I have put a glance Satsukida Neka Everyone Icarus fell in love with the strength of the Icarus.


   Voice - TadashiMinoru Iwasaki , Akira Ishida (Phase 2) 
   Robot which wore a lot of pants of women who summoned Tomoki. Was kidnapped Sohara, but was destroyed every house of Tomoki by Tomoki. It was revived as a new Tomoki pants Robo later, make friends as siblings Domae. And to protect everyone and Tomoki, it was destroyed in Sohara last moment.

(Old man of the street-stall keeper) zero

   Voice - Kosugi Jyurota 
   Satsukida Neka is called fair in the summer, a professional you do not know something well off a tremendous aura something out of place street-stall keeper of the master. Yatai name "shooting JUDAS". Number of works Minatsuki " JUDAS to appear in ", the international wanted persons of the super S-class parody something character, the identity is "JUDAS" see this story. In fact though it is Shateki-ya survival game of performing, novelty. Korukugan to provide has a power that transcends the ordinary clearly. In addition, it is referred to Satsukida Neka following year, you open a yo-yo salvation and competitions wrestling tournament this time. Tournament that provided in collusion with Mikako trouble booster spur trouble chaotic any content. It seemed good at combat capability, you are Nomeshi beating in until nothing is left to Tomoki unified playoff, boasts a strength of about of greater than or comparable to Mitsuki Sohara proud of the strongest, and Warunori the gag part trouble breaker to kill the trouble conscientious stopper? of this comic sense strike until nothing is left with two pistols Ting Aiju the Tomoki that (runaway). Therefore, we have become a presence traumatic middle for Tomoki, (it is always caught and) you have ran away screaming just by looking at the figure. By the way, I come even without my summer. I come in the fall. I come even without my Sorami town. I have also appeared in the movie version.

Phoenix Institute King Yoshitsune (Yoshitsune Hooin King)

   Voice - Kawata Shinji 
   Students of private school Inflatable. I was a music showdown jointly cultural festival with Inflatable junior high school.Full jointly cultural festival orchestra I challenged in. In love with Icarus listening to the voice of Icarus in the cultural festival of the first time, and Ichi ten thousand to the audience to (orchestra while you are trick the game to "the person who won is sign up for a dating Icarus" and to Tomoki at the cultural festival for the second time The win) means cowardly that spread the circle bill, to confess in Hoge language, but was not transmitted Hoge word is not from the solution to the Icarus.
   It knows about the home of Eishiro, there is also a surface thick righteousness like enraged to know the circumstances of Eishiro at home. I have also appeared in the movie version. 
   Use without permission of dive equipment game that was in the tent of Mamoru form, had been flown to the synapse.

Phoenix Institute Tsuki乃 (of rhyming with boron)

   Voice - Kotobuki Minako 
   Students of private school Inflatable. Sister of Phoenix Academy King Yoshitsune, I took part in a joint cultural festival music showdown together with his brother.
   Burakon like say when Yoshitsune brother saw the underwear of girls others in order to rage too jealous, and hope to see their own even show the underwear of itself to all there.I play a reconciled thanks to Eishiro. I have also appeared in the movie version.


   Voice - Kosuge Mami 
   appeared in (Forte) f. Daughter of stationery shop. I was a member of the section Amares a student.The festival events of the summer of Mikako presided over, I will play well. Every time you compete, is rubbed on the chest and Mikako Tomoki. I have also appeared in the movie version.


   Be of synapses made, the type of (the effect and scope certain period of validity may be in or order to (device) tool from the synapse, the card itself may be effective to vary, in some cases they found the first time using ). 
   Be considered obsolete as those of state-of-the-art exists, the former can take advantage of the various capabilities if there is one piece, but (that is, the latter older you can not only demonstrate the effect or transfer, the one device that is determined each "ability one per card" is a thing of). 
   Currently, state-of-the-art card does not exist on the ground.

Quantum converter

   In the apparatus has been transferred card Eishiro had got personally from Icarus, it is possible to another person or object other transformation to (Metamorphosis) a human being, who is transformed when disturbed mental state (such as excitement) I would solve the transformation. 
   Tomoki is utilized to sexual harassment the device, but because those developed as a combat weapon, nymphs immediately after separated synaptic was amazed to use for his original. 
   Sohara you Mikane the sexual harassment of Tomoki broke the device, but it repaired by Eishiro. However it is that you fall into the hands of Sohara again confiscated.

Nucleus of variable wing (core)

   Is a power institution of synaptic best, it is also a power reactor of Icarus. Many weapons are also present in other than Angel Lloyd in synapses, power engine for moving it does not exist except in Icarus.Therefore, the recapture of Icarus has become an important issue for the synapse. 
   Won the Meylan and evolve the outer shell by Pandora, but enough power has gone without overheating nymph. In damage determination by (nymph that was "Icarus (have nuclei variable wing) was destroyed" and first master of empty fear that it is get the core of variable wing as a power source at that time, " later) is a variable wing total loss ", originally, I am looking for the location of the Tomoki should be independent of the core of the variable wing. 
   Was restarted shortly after being exposed to the Tomoki the function of Ikaros stopped but is a mystery what's going on the power source. It has the "dual variable wing" with weapons other restart later, Pandora has to supply is the only weapon a shell, that you do not supply the power source even look at an example of nymph is clear. First of all, restart of Icarus start of Pandora is "after", there is no description of what you have restarted in the state in which the nucleus of the variable wing is a power source was total loss. 
   I also conceivable that the nucleus, were safe as the interpretation of one, was damaged is only part of the wing of the variable wing. In this case, however, the description that was particular about the location confirmation of Tomoki without attempting the destruction or recovery of the nucleus of variable wing master of the sky remained does not stick.

Uranus system

   I appear only on a TV anime. Huge summoned by development and insertion in the air wings Icarus of Uranus Queen after migration, Space Battleship from silhouette like, shoot is allowed to materialize armed numerous including the Artemis. Addition to those of Icarus himself, armed a number of remote combat and huge claws of close combat for the child device such as. 
   Power of Hephaistos which slammed against the Harpy game in the first period Episode 13 is fiercely, it was enough to reach the outer space glanced harmlessly off the girls in the air. In addition, after you have engaged in a mortal combat with her aircraft was fully materialized, and forwarded to the sea with claws the Icarus that was sinking to together with ALL the seabed against the chaos battle in the second phase of Episode 8, aircraft body fate and chaos I have both. aircraft had been left on the seabed while the chaos has evolved, has attacked Icarus us again.

Slate (rules)

   Tower standing in the central synapse. Language of mystery is Kakishirusa on the surface. Sohara was expressed "as angry, such as sad," said a list of the language.Fact that it seems to exist absolute, Eishiro our ground people close to this lithograph has been seriously in the synapse for synapse people.

Dream (dream)

   One of the important keywords of this work. Because it was involved with synapse through the dream, Tomoki I met Angel Lloyd us. Synapse who lives above ground personality, on the ground in a dream. First generation Angel Lloyd're to see the dream taboo is set to, but the second generation is possible to break it.

Dive game

   Game in a dream on the ground who sneaks to (dive) literally was popular at the synapse in the past.Handling of the equipment necessary to infiltrate the not difficult, (the shape is different in the anime version and the original is this device) is capable of operation, equivalent functions are stacked to chaos on the ground people. 
   Dream of Tomoki because it connected to the synapse, it is possible to go to the synapse when you infiltrate the dream of Tomoki. 
   (Synapses exceptions) do not am I allowed to take back the thing to only a dream, the original was obtained with the tip that was infiltrated.

"Non-" reality (reality "fire")

   of that figure synapses people are spending as the ground who in a dream.Of course, the people of some synapses that are active in the synapse, "" non-"reality" does not exist. Synapse people died on the ground, the body disappears and is broken down on the block, by the system of facilities they are asleep, from the ground who were involved erasing the (delete) the memory of itself, and slept in the facility synapse people were waking up.However, erasure of the memory is not ineffective in humans to know this fact and Angel Lloyd, it is possible to distinguish the ground who is a "real" synaptic who are "" not "real". This system was working even when the weather on the ground dead, but memory of weather was not erased from Tomoki that should not know this fact. 
   It was the case in the example of the weather, there is no awareness in the "non" real himself that it is "not" real.It is also a dream of "non-" reality itself synapse people, but "non-" reality dream. The (. "non-" reality itself should feel the abnormality by fact that you are not dreaming otherwise) 
   According to the statement of the nymph, are close to the Tomoki "non-" reality is not the only weather. Someone has not been apparent at present it is the description of the main character on "non" reality is as follows. 
   Tomoki : "you are close to the Tomoki" Normal (from the words of the nymph), since will not include the person's own "be around" for people of someone, is Tomoki own "non-" reality in the "non-" reality It can be said that it is not. "(Original author, the number Minatsuki) teacher (Tomoki is) humanity" usually says "" in the audio commentary of the BD / DVD of the second phase animation. Existence at that time is mentioned in the official after-story depicting the six years later. (You do not have appeared) 
   Eishiro : The ".'m reality in peace, You and" (from the words of the nymph). It has appeared in the official story after you draw six years later.
   It is a sub character that does not appear in serious episode in the original: Mikako.However, etc., questions ancestor is a celestial maiden (= synaptic people? Angel Lloyd?) Legend, hair ornament is Gokuni to that of the weather remains. It has appeared in the official story after you draw six years later.
   "Non-reality" (body Daedalus), and :: Sohara of childhood have died due to illness opener to So. Then, replication of itself Daedalus was afraid to be forgotten from Tomoki is made is Sohara current.

Hoge language

   In the language that is composed of only "Hoge" literally, (except for the Icarus that was blocking the ear expand the time aegis) all humanity in the work that I heard singing of nymph in the cultural festival for the second time is the previous language it was decided to hold a conversation in this language lose. According to the Eishiro, pattern conflict was terminated in many parts of the world the language barrier is gone by this. This has been a restored all in the next round probably because of what happened in the episode within the gag.

Chi蟲 (Downer)

   Thing on the ground who had seen people from the synapse. It is often used when Astrea and nymph is abusive Tomoki called "Chi蟲" (also ignored). Have you ever used against Mikako and Eishiro extremely rare, but for some reason, it is not used even once to Sohara.

Pandora (Pandora)

   Self-evolution program of Angel Lloyd. Because there is a possibility that the control of synapse becomes ineffective by the self-evolution, mounting on Angel Lloyd does not usually, but chaos is mounted. In addition, "over strictly protected so that it does not act on emotion regulation other than" (Ikaros, Nymph, Astraea) Angel Lloyd of the first generation was equipped, but breaks this protected, to the evolution wrong as chaos without it, first, expressed as a change in the wing of the nymph against Z game, again expressed in nymph in Thailand = Melan Icarus game, and won the nymph = Meran in hacking.And I played a restart as a "type α version Icarus II" fully developed to Icarus, which has been considered unrepairable in the fight against Icarus = Meran. As a result, aegisII, and dual variable wing, with overwhelming force even in the state of operation test, and dismissed the Ikaros = Melan us, to all aircraft shot down Melan us in one volley of ArtemisII the normal start-up operation after testing is complete I came to.

地上の人々 桜井家

桜井 智蔵(さくらい ともぞう)

   声 - 岩崎ひろし

桜井 智代(さくらい ともよ)


桜井 つつみ(さくらい つつみ)



中井 凛(なかい りん)

   声 - 本多真梨子

柳沢 千夏(やなぎさわ ちなつ)

   声 - 合田彩

小金井 春音(こがねい はるね)

   声 - 高橋夢波

浅香 麻衣子(あさか まいこ)

   声 - 藏合紗恵子



   声 - 丸山壮史

松山 泰三(まつやま たいぞう)

   声 - 木村雅史




   声 - 中村浩太郎


   声 - 中村浩太郎



   声 - 岩崎ひろし


   声 - 岩崎征実、石田彰(第2期)


   声 - 小杉十郎太

鳳凰院 キング義経(ほうおういん キングよしつね)

   声 - 川田紳司

鳳凰院 月乃(ほうおういん つきの)

   声 - 寿美菜子


   声 - 小菅真美







































   エンジェロイドの自己進化プログラム。自己進化によりシナプスの制御も効かなくなる恐れがあるため、通常はエンジェロイドへの搭載はしていないが、カオスは搭載している。また、第一世代のエンジェロイド(イカロス、ニンフ、アストレア)は「感情制御以外には作用しないようプロテクトを厳重にかけて」搭載していたが、このプロテクトを打ち破り、カオスのように間違った進化をすることもなく、まず、対Z戦でニンフの翼の変化として発現し、対イカロス=メラン戦ではニンフに再び発現、ハッキングでニンフ=メランに勝利した。そして、イカロス=メランとの戦いで修復不能とされていたイカロスに完全に発現し「タイプαイカロス バージョンII」として再起動を果たした。その結果、動作テストの状態ですらaegisII、デュアル可変ウイングなど、圧倒的な戦力で、イカロス=メランたちを一蹴し、動作テスト完了後の通常起動時にはArtemisIIの一斉射でメランたちを全機撃墜するに至った。

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