Project Pink
Sora no Otoshimono - ep14 (OVA) 011
Kanji: プロジェクト桃源郷(ピンク)
Homaji: Purojekuto Pinku
Season: 1
Episode: OVA
Release date: September 9, 2010
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Project Pink is the first Original Video Animation of Heaven's Lost Property


It is spring and Nymph is, as so often, in front of the mirror and looks in it, thinking back to the old times.

"I am currently totally uncomfortable. Though the chain is severed at my collar and the risk of the bomb exploding is banned.. That she was separated, same name that I've lost my Master. Angeloids should execute the commands of their master. But I have no master, I could obey. What to do from now on I do? should I look for a new master? I wonder how Tomoki thinks about it".

She has since left the bathroom and sees Tomoki and Ikaros in the main room. Tomoki drinking tea, looks out the window and would like to once again do perverted things. Ikaros, meanwhile, takes care of the tea.

Nymph appears after school at Sugata behind the school building. This is currently building another new missile. He notes that Nymph has something on his mind and asked about their well-being . She describes her situation. Sugata gives her the advice that she should just wait, because it would mean the answer to the question of what they should do now, be resolved by itself.

Change of scene. Tomoki can be transformed by the quantum transformer in the bottom of the girls locker room. After the transformation takes place in Tomoko. As Tomoko camouflaged wants Tomoki storm into the locker room and gets a fright as a result, because the first person that is very close, Sohara is. Change of scene. Tomoki proposes to go in the pool Satsukitane. In the pool, he makes use of his swimming skills to others to "observe" what Sohara in this case can not prevent because they can not swim.

Nymph chopping Tomoki through the water, so that his swimming skills are provided with a read protection. Tomoki can not the fallen leaves and Ikaros Fully open the flow of water in the round swimming pool at the next opportunity. Tomoki's willpower is stronger than Nymph read protection and so he can swim again and gets into the water stream. It may, however, in contrast to the other not hold onto it and threatens to drown. When he wakes up, Ikaros just push water out of it.

Finally, the quantum transformer is again destroyed. This time by Sohara. Nymph wants Tomoki issued her commands, but Tomoki continues to hold it firmly, that it should remain free. The next day, Tomoki wakes up again after lessons, since Sohara has awakened him. He had another dream with the angels. He asks Sohara what would they dream for. She remembers her last dream by Tomoki she married. Your course is the embarrassing and suggests Tomoki.

They both go to the fields, where the cherry blossom tree stands. Sugata has there built a device to start the next test flight. Nymph and Sugata are talking about the fact that Engeloiden certainly can have dreams because it would not necessarily be in your sleep. Nymph 's dream be that they would Tomoki as champion, but he would want to give her any commands would. Sugata asks if that means that Tomoki she hates? He tells her that Tomoki so shows his kindness.

Then takes off Sugata and witnessed the first successful flight.

Tomoki's DreamEdit

In his dream, Daedalus explains, that they had sent the angels, so that he could save them. She also wanted that he saves her, but the sky always keep them captive. She would go back to sleep. He should not be forgotten.