Siren 235236
Kanji: セイレーン
Romaji: seirēn
Others: Eta
Generation: Second
Gender: Female
Species: Angeloid
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Master: Master of Synapse
Type: η (Eta)
Class: Underwater Warfare
Wing Type: None
Occupation: None
Debut (Manga): Chapter 45
Debut (Anime): -
Appears in: Manga
Seiyuu: -
English Voice: -

Seiren (セイレーン, seirēn?) is a 2nd generation, Underwater Warfare Angeloid type η (Eta) (水中戦闘用エンジェロイドタイプη(イータ), uichūsentō-yō enjeroido taipu (Īta)?) built by the Master of Synapse.


She strongly resembles the mermaids of legend with her fin. Siren's hands also resemble fins. Her wings are floating around her.


Seiren was impaled in the back by one of Chaos's wings before being devoured, and absorbed by her just after she was ordered by the Master of Synapse to kill Tomoki Sakurai and Ikaros.

Killed by Chaos,who stole her Power


Master of SynapseEdit


  • Siren's appearance is based on the Sirens of Greek mythology.
  • Even though an Angeloid's weakness is water, Siren is able to work underwater.
  • Siren can be in the deepest parts of the water up to 8000 meters deep.

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