Sora No Shoujo Tai Single
Album Information
Kanji: N/A
Romaji: Sora No Shoujo Tai Shinguru
English: N/A
Additional Information
Artist: Sora no Shoujo TAI, Fukuhara Kaori, Mina, Nomizu Iori, Ogame Asuka
Genre: J-pop, Instrumental
Number of Songs: 06
Release Date: 2010/12/08


# Track Name Length Preview
01 Tenshi no Wink 04:13
02 Raspberry dream 04:43
03 Mizuiro no ame 03:25
04 Jin jin sasete 03:24
05 Hey! Mr. Policeman 03:33
06 Fushigi Tokyo Cinderella 03:54

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