Surprise! The Angel’s a Big-Breasted Idiot
Sora No Otoshimono Forte - ep02 043
Kanji: 「驚愕!天使は馬鹿(キョニュウ)だった」
Homaji: Kyougaku! Tenshi wa Baka (Kyonyuu) Datta
Season: Second (Forte)
Episode: 2
Release date: 2010, 8 Oct
Episode Guide
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A Fight with Worldly Desires (Pride)

Surprise! The Angel’s a Big-Breasted Idiot is the 2nd episode of second season of Sora no Otoshimono Forte series.


Episode 2 presents the arrival of a new Angeloid, Astraea, as described by Nymph: the type Δ Delta is very powerful, but also immeasurably stupid, which will save Tomoki. The latter party in penance in a Buddhist temple to calm his perverse obsessions. She found him there to kill him, but his idiocy will push to follow in his meditations. Tomoki in his quest will even be willing to sacrifice his collection of erotic magazines. Which will lead to nothing. Incidentally, Nymph with despair she learns its final form in 5 years or more, it will always be like that.

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