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For Tomoki's female counterpart, see Tomoko Sakurai.

Tomoki Sakurai
Tomoki Sakurai Movie
Kanji: 桜井 智樹
Romaji: Sakurai Tomoki
Others: "Pants Man" "Tomo-chan" "Naked King" "Mask De Panties"
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Student
Debut (Manga): Chapter 1
Debut (Anime): Episode 1
Appears in: Manga, Anime, and Movie
Seiyū: Souichirou Hoshi
English Voice: Greg Ayres

Tomoki Sakurai (さくらい ともき, sakurai tomoki?) is the main protagonist of the Sora no Otoshimono series.


For the most part, Tomoki appears to be a normal teenager. His most notable features are his black hair, which always has a stray strand, and his brown eyes. He is normally seen wearing his school’s uniform or, when at home, his pajamas. When he's being perverted, he is usually seen in his chibi form, occasionally while being naked.


While having an extremely perverted side, to the point of creating peepholes via improvised pipe periscopes to every peeping spot all over town, he is usually a kind and sincere person. He takes on the task of helping a pink-headed Angeloid known as Ikaros. He cares for the angeloids and he wants them to embrace freedom by not being under a master and obeying their orders.

Tomoki has shown to have feelings for Ikaros, Nymph, and Sohara. With this in mind, you would expect him to "play" with all three of them, but he has never violated Ikaros, the way he does to Nymph, Sohara, and Astraea. When Sohara finds out about this, she accuses Tomoki of harboring "extremely strong feelings" for Ikaros. He responds, saying not to get to worked up about it because it's just a sub-conscience thing. He has also "proposed" to and kissed Ikaros in the past. Ikaros is madly in love with him but he had not noticed for a while. He has also over-looked the fact that he is in the center of an extremely tough "love pentagon" including himself, Ikaros, Sohara, Nymph, and Astraea.  Later in the series, he was forced to fight Ikaros 1 on 1 to win a female mannequin he wanted so badly. However, to everyone's surprise, Tomoki mans up and confesses to Ikaros that he has deep feelings for her.

He has also tried to break the Angeloids' tendency to obey their masters' orders completely by letting them do whatever they want, giving them a great degree of freedom to make their own individual decisions. This did not work for Ikaros, however, the effects of Tomoki's attempt to do so much more drastic than he had imagined. While he constantly laments that his idealistic world of peace and quiet is ruined by the appearances of the Angeloids, he admits that he does see them as a family, and enjoys their company.


The series begins with Tomoki having a mysterious, recurring dream of meeting an angel, that connects the human world and the Synapse. It begins with Tomoki in a field, appearing in his school uniform and talking about his dream and the angel in it, Daedalus, who takes off into the sky to his disappointment. The dream ends when he is woken up by Sohara, his childhood friend, who tries to get him to school on time. He refuses to get up so Sohara pulls his blanket, which reveals that he had an erection, and Sohrara, embarrassed by the scene, gives Tomoki a karate blow to the face, causing him to wake up. Arriving at the school they are faced with a crowd approaching and one of the students appears saying someone would jump from the building of the college.

They look up to and learn that the person was Eishiro Sugata, President of New World Discovery Club. After that, they see him  jump, go over all and fall into the nearby forest, arrive and ask teachers for students entering school. Thereafter Tomoki is in the classroom, sleepy, he eats his lunch and falls asleep on the table in the lunch break, he dreams again with the girl she now has the form of an angel and asks him for help saying that the sky was captured, Tomoki just looks worried blankly.

Suddenly, Sohara agreed by the demands of his bad habit of sleeping in the room, he gets up and asks her why she was doing that look for him, she asks if he was having that dream again, then he realizes that he was crying, wiping his tears and saying he does not care about that, Sohara complains and says that he has had this dream since childhood, she asks to go to see Sugata to ask if he knows something, Tomoki refuses saying that Sugata was strange and would not get involved with him, but soon changes his mind when Sohara raises her "hand of karate," coming in the club room, Sugata says not interested in this, but it shows a map of the earth on the computer screen and asks if Tomoki understands Tomoki says no, then Sugata makes explanations Tomoki does not understand, so he tries to run away from there, but is stopped by Sugata saying they should meet at night under the cherry tree,Tomoki dissagrees, but Sohara says that everyone will go, later under the cherry tree, tomoki is alone wondering what he is doing there, he was the only one who could stay there, after deciding to leave, he gets a call from sugata asking him to flee there quickly, but  he can not say why because the signal was failing, he looks up and sees a black hole above the city, suddenly he sees pieces of rock falling into the hole, which explode in front of him, he looks into the hole and sees a strange creature, wonders if it's a human, but decides not to, since humans do not have wings, so he tries to get away from that place, but then remembers the creature that was inside the hole, he tries to say it will be fine and he does not want problems and wants to lead a quiet life, but he can not and runs toward the hole and withdraws the person who was there, then He looks up again and sees a giant rock fall upon them, suddenly, he finds himself in the air, wondering what had happened, he looks back and sees a the person, Ikaros, who then proceeds to "Imprint" on him. 


Tomoki is an expert in all things lewd and perverted. So far, he has shown himself to be both bold and resourceful in his various attempts at harassing women. 

On one occasion, he led all of the boys in his school in a snowball war against the girls (that Mikako hosted), capturing several of them. In a surprising demonstration of his leadership skills, Tomoki ordered his troops to focus on dangerous girls (Sohara) before anyone else.

On another occasion, he dived into a pool and tied up all of the girls in it before any of them could react.

As seen a few times, Tomoki apparently has the ability to shoot a powerful laser from his genitals (usually in the manga rather than the anime).


  • Ikaros - Tomoki's first and only Angeloid. She's in love with Tomoki
  • Daedalus - The "real Sohara".
  • Sohara Mitsuki - Childhood friend. She has shown strong feelings for Tomoki and even has dreams of him doing inappropriate/perverted things to her.
  • Nymph - Friend. Has feelings for Tomoki
  • Astraea - Friend. Has feelings for Tomoki
  • Chaos - Friend. Developed feelings for Tomoki



  • Sohara calls him "Tomo-chan", which gives the impression that she loves Tomoki.
  • It seems that due to an extreme torture he once endured from the president (Mikako), he somewhat gained an electrical immunity. Due to this, he is able to shoot thunderbolts from his "private area."
  • It is believed that Tomoki might be an Angel due to strong hints, such as Daedalus mentioning that he is sleeping or Tomoki being able to be in the Synapse in his dreams (similar to Hiyori's "avatar" method).
  • Tomoki had perverted/manly spirits that once came to him in the quiz game. When he was asked what to do in a girl's locker room and was about to say don't peek, the spirits came and helped him say I peek.
  • He knows almost all the girls' bathing times.
  • Tomoki's English voice actor and seiyuu both voiced Son Goku from Saiyuki, Sunohara from Clannad and Ganta from Deadman Wonderland.
  • Judging from Tomoki's trip to the "river-way dividing Life and Death" with one of the Harpy sisters, one can conclude that the "perverted" trait that Tomoki shares with his mother and late grandfather could possibly extend back multiple generations. As an old saying goes "It takes four family generations to remove a poor/bad character trait with hard effort". The fact that it reached Tomoki suggests that no one in Tomoki's bloodline made even a ghost of an effort to purge the perversion from the family. 
  • Despite his perversion, multiple Angeloids have become emotionally attached to him. Showing that for all his foolishness, he's a good guy and a major step up in "Master Status" when compared to Minos.
  • In chapter 45: Freedom, Tomoki erased Ikaros imprinting in an attempt to get her to smile or laugh. Once Ikaros explained to Tomoki why she did not want to be free, Tomoki once again became Ikaros' master by redoing the imprinting process.
  • Daedalus could have some special relationship with Tomoki.
  • Tomoki's dream is connected to Synapse.
  • Tomoki possibly could have made Hiyori his first childhood friend but for some reason forgotten about her around the time when Tomoki met Sohara.
  • He once had a contest to see whos the most perverted between himself and his younger self to prove to his grandfather that hes not his grandfather's bastard, son or anything of the sort that hes his grandson.
  • Has never been out perverted by anyone.
  • Is more then likely the  biggest pervert in Sorami city and is the only one shown being a pervert in the anime.
  • Once nearly got away with taking all the girls in Sorami city clothes and replacing them with more perverted clothes he chose.


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