Tomoko Sakurai
Kanji: 桜井 智子
Romaji: Sakurai Tomoko
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Student
Debut (Manga): Chapter 11
Debut (Anime): Episode 11
Appears in: Anime, Manga, and Movie
Seiyū: Saki Fujita
English Voice: Alison Viktorin

Tomoko Sakurai (さくらい ともこ, sakurai tomoko?) was originally the female alter ego of Tomoki Sakurai, transformed with the help of Ikaros and her device to spy on the girls at school. She has become an individual character separate from Tomoki altogether, 


Tomoko has dark black hair with two clips attached to the upper part of the strand of hair going down her face, one red and the other being blue. She has dark brown eyes as well. At first glance, she looks like a female counterpart of Tomoki.

Tomoko resembles Tomoki's mother Tomoyo Sakurai very much. Her measurements are: weight 43 Kg, height 157 cm (5'2),  hips 87 cm,  bust 75 cm, Waist 49 cm.


Tomoko herself does not have any remarkable abilities. However, it was shown that she gained the ability to merge with Tomoki at will upon becoming an individual. It is unknown when she decided to un-merge with him.

When Tomoki transforms into Tomoko, he gains the looks, charm, and appearance of her. Due to becoming a female, this causes nearby women to drop their guard, thinking the they are safe among other women. This gives Tomoki much more freedom to move around without causing any suspicion, as well as the element of surprise. While in this form Tomoki purposely acts clumsy and ditsy in order to win the hearts of the people (both male and female) around him such as "accidentally" tripping and landing face first into Sohara's breasts.

Separated From Tomoki Edit

As an individual herself, Tomoko has been shown to be very feminine. This was shown when she became an individual in chapter 43. When Tomoko was separated from Tomoki in that chapter of the manga, it was apparent that she was very confused and did not know where to go as she was just given freedom as a person. We could see her picking petals off of a flower after she had begun to develop feelings of love towards Sugata. When Tomoki found her and told her to "merge" back with him, she seemed hesitant but agreed at first. However, upon seeing Sugata, she began to realize that she was enjoying her own life. Tomoki, desperate, decided to try to, "reawaken", her masculinity which she obviously did not have. When Tomoki began to tell her lies such as that she was really a man, was really not a girl, and needed to "merge" back with him, it only caused her more distress and confusion. Finally, after Tomoki's last resort of showing her a porn magazine in hopes that it would convince her to join with him, Tomoko was pushed over the edge and, with tears in her eyes, called him a cockroach after directly telling him that she never wanted to see him again.

Shortly after this had all taken place, we see Tomoko yet again, who has actually begun to make friends with the students at her new school. However, Ikaros, enraged because her master Tomoki is unable to pet her head, attempts to force Tomoko into merging with Tomoki. This frightens Tomoko and, desperate, tells Ikaros that in a way, she is her Master as well. Hearing this, Ikaros pauses, as she does not want to hurt her "Master." However, she trips, falling on top of Tomoko and shoving the latter's face directly into her breasts. Immediately, Tomoko begins to feel something very intense and unusual. Ikaros then realizes that she may have found a way to convince her to merge with Tomoki. Ikaros then fires Artemis to cut off the clothes of Tomoko's new friends. This apparently aroused her yet again. Shortly after these intense sensations began to grow stronger, Astraea is thrown at her. To make things worse, Astraea's crotch was slammed into her face. In Tomoko's confusion and feeling that something is missing, Ikaros presents Tomoki to her. Tomoko then begins to believe that it may be okay to merge with Tomoki for the time being. However, before this happens, Tomoki stops her and claims that if they work together, they can touch twice the amount of breasts. Tomoko, in a very aroused state, agrees. The two of them then begin chasing Tomoko's new friends. Sohara then attempts to stop Tomoki from touching the other girls and screwing with Tomoko's mind by giving him one of her karate chops. However, this creates a tiny clone of Tomoko and shrinks Tomoki even further. Sohara relentlessly attempts to karate chop him but it only makes matters worse.

Due to the events that took place surrounding her in the manga, it is rather likely that Tomoko was separated from Tomoki altogether a short time after the series ended.

Relationships Edit

Tomoki - Technically the "original" (Male)

Sugata - Love interest

Girls at school - Close friends

Mikako - Love rival

Image GalleryEdit


  • Tomoko makes appearances in Chapters 16, 33, 43, and 59.
  • Her Japanese voice actor is also the voice-bank of Hatsune Miku.
  • Tomoko has become an actual character in the series as opposed to just being a mere transformation used by Tomoki to do a variety of perverted acts. This was all shown in chapter 43 of the manga.
  • At the end of chapter 43 of the manga, Tomoko was tricked into merging with Tomoki due to her confusion concerning her aroused state. It is very likely that she became separated from Tomoki forever sometime after the series ended.
  • It is implied that due to her being an actual girl as well as a character as opposed to being a gender-bend of Tomoki, that she likely became a separate character altogether after the series ended.

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