Tomoyo Sakurai
Himg 021
Kanji: 桜井 智代
Romaji: Sakurai Tomoyo
Others: ----
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: ----
Debut (Manga): Chapter 49
Debut (Anime): None
Appears in: Manga
Seiyū: Unknown
English Voice: Unknown

Tomoyo Sakurai is the mother of the main character of the Sora no Otoshimono Series, Tomoki Sakurai. Her husband is named Tsutsumi Sakurai and her father is Tomozou Sakurai. She looks like an older version of Tomoko with a pony tail. Oddly enough, not only does she resemble her, but she was just as attracted to Sugata as Tomoko was in Chapter 43. She appears for the first time in chapter 49, and is seen in several other isues following. When Tomoki turned 10 years old, or an adult, as they saw it, then she and her husband left on a world tour. They only left him a note.

She is first seen chasing a group of girls with a perverted expression, much like the one Tomoki gets. Tomoki interrupts her and then we see her introduce herself to his friends. Tomoki does not seem very happy that she has returned.

She then proceeds to grope Ikaros, Astraea, and Sohara while discarding Nymph. Next, she asks Sugata to marry her and then to go on a date. This obviously upsets President who promptly beats up Tomoki. She leaves with Sugata and is followed by everyone. She continues to drool over Sugata while Tomoki yells at her to care. She and Tomoki make up and Mikako decides to kill them both.


They tried to run but they are both addressed by Tomozou Sakurai. He tells them they are a disgrace to the Sakurai family if they let all those attractive girls and cute boys go. They then to grope everyone including Hiyori Kazane. They both run into their respective punishers, Sohara and Tomoyo's husband Tsutsumi, who has a chop just like Sohara.

Tomoyo leaves Tomoki a note that says something like "Hot Russian Chicks right now ~Tomoyo." Tsutsumi writes something like "I went to go get Mama ~Tsutsumi." When Tomoyo leaves she steals all of Tomoki's porn books as a "farewell present."


  • Tomoko letter
    Tomoyo is perverted just like her son. When everyone meets her for the first time they call her a "big Tomoko."
    • Unlike her son, who only goes after women, she is interested in both males and females. She is fascinated with the large breasts of the girls. She is also infatuated with Eishiro Sugata and the first thing she asks him is for the two of them to get married.


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