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Tsutsumi Sakurai
Kanji: 桜井 つつみ
Romaji: Sakurai Tsutsumi
Others: ----
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: ----
Debut (Manga): Chapter 49
Debut (Anime): None
Appears in: Manga
Seiyū: Unknown
English Voice: Unknown

Very little is information is known about Tsutsumi except that he married to Tomoyo Sakurai and is Tomoki Sakurai's father. He is shown very briefly in the manga.


  • He also has the chop signiture like Sohara Mitsuki, but he uses it on Tomoyo Sakurai (his wife).
  • He told Sohara that in his school time that Tomoyo was popular around boys and that she should have some kind of partner.


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